Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a surface wipe to clean my hands?
No. Wipe is designed to clean/sanitize surfaces only. Refer to use instructions found on packaging.

Can I use a hand wipe to clean a surface?
No, wipe is designed for hand use only. Refer to use instructions found on packaging.

Can I use a hand wipe to clean my kid's dirty face?
No, hand use only. Follow use instructions on the packaging.

Do I really need to wear gloves when using surface wipes?
Follow label instructions.

Which of your surface wipes are approved by the FDA for use in food processing or food prep areas?
The Sani-Wipe No Rinse Hard, Non-Porous Surface Sanitizing wipes are FDA Food Code Compliant for use on surfaces that come in contact with food.

Will the amount of alcohol in the hand wipes be hazardous to my kids?
The level of alcohol will not cause any harm; however, do no allow child to put wipe in their mouth.

What will happen if my kid uses an alcohol hand wipe on his hands and then sticks his fingers in his mouth?
The amount of alcohol remaining on the hands should not cause any harm. Have child rinse their mouth out with water, and contact a pediatrician if concerned or call Sani Professional and ask for their Medical Liaison.

Can the wipes be flushed down the toilet?

Are any of your wipes safe for septic systems?

Are the wipes bio-degradable?
No, not unless specified.

Can the wipe containers be recycled?
Yes, if your local recycler accepts #2 HDPE.

Do all wipes fit all wall brackets?
The Sani Professional 3-in-1 wall bracket will fit all Medium, Large, and Extra Large containers of Sani Professional wipes. CaviWipes use the CaviWipes Canister Wall Bracket. The two wall brackets cannot be interchanged.

Can the wipes ship via overnight or 2nd day air?